Founded in 1976 by Robert Y. Burns



Starlight Stage Youth Theatre

Williamstown, MA


Founded in 1976 by Robert Y. Burns



At Starlight we believe that our kids can do anything.

And for more than three decades they have been proving us right.

That's why we stretch their skills with classic scripts by Ibsen, O'Neill, Barrie, Stoppard, Miller, Kaufinan, and Guare.

That's why there aren't a lot of adults around telling the kids how things should be done.

That's why generations of area youth look back with fond pride on the Starlight productions they helped create.

Theatre is a collaborative art and everyone is important to the show.

The experience of working cooperatively with their peers, and with adults who treat them like peers, to create something everyone can enjoy is excellent preparation for life and career.

  • Taking on real responsibility
  • Learning to compromise
  • Making new friends
  • Learning new skills
  • Seeing the many skills and talents that are necessary to make a production a success
  • Getting up in front of a paying audience and performing

All these Starlight experiences translate into skills and confidence that stand the test of time.

We hope your child will become our next Starlight kid!